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Friday 13th:

5.30 – 6.30

Hair and Makeup

15 places

Sherman Dressing Room

Saturday 14th

Sherman Theatre

Main Stage

Dressing Room

Area A

Area B

12.00 - 1pm

Pastie Making

Clown Skills

1.30 - 2.30pm

Go Go Dancing

Aurora Galore

Till 3pm

Drag Makeup

15 Places

3.00 -4.00pm

Hair and Makeup

15 Places

3.30 -4.30pm

Lady Wildflower


4.30 -5.30pm

Setup Theatre for Show

Hair and Makeup

15 Places


Pole Classes

1.00 - 2.00pm

Sir Midnight Blues

2.30 -3.30pm

Sir Midnight Blues

Kiki Lovechild

Clown skills for cabaret: finding joy in performance

How do you deal with performing in environments you are uncomfortable in? How do you ensure you engage the crowd when you are "not feeling it today"? How can you cope with unexpected situations that arise mid performance?


This workshop covers a series of tried and tested clown exercises that have transferable skills for all performance disciplines, while introducing you to your own inner clown.


Clowning is a powerful tool. Discovering your inner clown, and how to call him/her on cue, provides a friend and colleague you can call upon in situations where you may yourself feel uncomfortable. Your clown may thrive in these situations and open up new opportunities. Students of clowning often find themselves saying "I had no idea I could that" and it is this phenomena that this workshop taps into.


It's also going to be a lot of fun, and teaching through a series of games means you will leave with a collection of tools and exercises that you can practice on your own long after the workshop has finished.

Sir Midnight Blues

Beginners Pole

Pole Dancing Classes with Sir Midnight Blue will take place from 1-2pm and 2.30-3.30pm at Passion Dance Studio which is a ten minute walk from Sherman Cymru.

Passion 63-65 City Road, Cardiff, CF24 3BL

This workshop will cover the absolute basics that students will learn in progressing into the art of pole. We will be learning basic spins, holds and climbs that will be the foundations which will then progress into more advanced combos. He will be hosting these sessions based on his experience on what he has personally learned through learning, teaching and performing which will be passed onto you.


Anybody and everybody is more than welcome to take part. All you'll need to bring is a t-shirt/vest and above the knee shorts (no leggings as this will restrict the moves you'll be able to carry out in the sessions)

Vintage Victory Rollers

Vintage Hair and Makeup workshops.

Make-Up and Vintage will take place in the main dressing room at Sherman Cymru.

The Welsh International Cabaret Festival is delighted to be able to offer vintage hair and makeup workshops held by the incredible Vintage Victory Rollers team. Vintage Victory Rollers was founded in 2013, since then it has grown and grown, although based in Swindon the team can be seen at festivals and events all around the country, providing hair and makeup services from the 20’s to the 50’s. Bringing out that inner vixen.


To find out more visit


Learn how to create some of the most iconic vintage hairstyles from the 40’s and 50’s, from Victory rolls , barrel rolls and pin curls.

Each 1 hr workshop will go step by step through the basics to create your own vintage look.

 Once the team has perfected the hair you will be shown how to create the perfect Dita look and the perfect cat eye and scarlet pout.

What you need to bring with you.

Curling tongs (but not essential), bobby pins and your own hairbrush to help create those curls.

For the makeup, please bring your own make up bag and brushes, including eyeliner and that a vibrant red lipstick for that flawless pout.


Once your look is complete, in house photographer Tony Barrett Powell

will be available to capture that look for you.


What you need to bring

Cotton powder puffs, Wilkinson mini glue tube (not Prit stick brand), loose powder and full coverage foundation.

Any bright colour makeup to make you shine!

Dis Charge

Painting for the Back Row

Tutorial takes place in the main dressing room at Sherman Cymru, numbers limited.

Join the enigmatic Miss Dis for a makeup masterclass with a twist.

This drag punk spectacular will give you all the contouring, concealing, powdering and primping you need to make your ultra glam show stopping looks propel into the minds of your audiences

even from the farthest corners of the room!

Dis Charge will instruct you over the course of an hour how to re-create one of her favorite designs all you need to bring is your eager and delicious brains.... and maybe a notepad.


Unleash your inner goddess, remove the shackles on your drag delinquent

and set alight to the flaming beauty that burns within!

Daisy Cutter

Pastie Making Workshop

Daisy cutter has been performing burlesque since 2006 and has been a costume,

clothing and accessory maker since gaining her first qualifications in 2001.

A skilled pattern cutter, milliner and knit specialist she has concessions of her work in various outlets and boutiques, as well as undertaking bespoke commissions,

ranging from full silk and Swarovski gowns, couture corsetry to customizing pre-bought items.

Lady Wildflower’s

Burlesque Dance Workshop

Lady Wildflower’s Burlesque Dance class is for ladies of any age, shape or ability. Lose your inhibitions. Learn to be confident, feel sexy and glamorous and to love the skin you’re in! Inspired by the showgirls of the 1930s-1950s, Lady Wildflower's class is all-female for women who want to explore their own femininity in a fun, friendly and non-judgmental environment. She aims to promote confidence in body and creativity whilst enabling women to develop grace and poise.


This workshop is an introduction to the burlesque showgirl style and will cover posture, posing, strutting and a short routine. There is no striptease involved in this workshop and is suitable for complete beginners.


PLEASE WEAR: Something you can move easily in but feel free to bring some glamour! Please wear heels that are comfortable and not too high.

Tuesday Laveau

GoGo Dancing Workshop

Trans-Atlantic Booty Shaker Tuesday Laveau brings you the high energy workshop with the low down style. Covering a hip opening stretch sequence, Go-Go dance steps and straight-up New Orleans style azz shaking. All set to a wild soundtrack guaranteed to make you strut your stuff and shake your butt!

Zara Belly Dance

Bellydance Workshop

Zara (also known by her Arabic name Zahra)

is an established and popular international belly dancer based in London & the UK.

In this fun beginners session you with learn graceful and sensual art of Arabic dance, including Hip Drops, Figure 8’s, Shimmies and isolations.


The session will include posture, technique and drills, sequences and simple combinations.

Please wear comfy clothes, (leggings and T.Shirt are fine) and bring a soft flat shoe to dance in, (if you don’t like dancing in bare feet) and a drink.

For my information please see

Zara will also be bringing her Belly dance souk to our Market Place for the weekend;



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